Examining the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Though a puppy resulting from the mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian inherits genetics from each parent (and their own bloodlines), the likelihood of gaining certain attributes increases when both breeds are prone to similar characteristics. As you peruse the comparison chart at the bottom of this article, note any similarities, as well as their differences, for use in making your own predictions.

Nicknames for the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is considered a designer dog breed. It has several common nicknames: “Yorkie Pom”, “Porkies”, “PomYorkie”, “Yoranian”. Here is our list of other Pomeranian mixes.

As with other breed mixes, each individual puppy is born with the characteristics of the most dominant genes from each parent. A hybrid, such as a Porkie, differs from a mutt in that their lineage is known, whereas a mutt has unknown lineage. Nevertheless, there are those who contest that hybrid breeding results in healthier genetic mix—and others that disagree as they continue to protect their lines of longstanding lineage.

Some of the interesting idiosyncrasies that can result with the mixing of a Yorkie and a Pom might be one who is a picky eater while shedding profusely, but can still smile about it (due to their animated charisma)!

The average size for a Porkie is around six pounds.   Their coats might be of the double or single variety. If they have the double coat, grooming needs to be a daily occurrence, if their coat is wiry, then weekly brushing is acceptable. Their coat coloring varies between black to black and tan, or a reddish brown to light fur blend. They also enjoy relatively good health and live from eleven to sixteen years or longer.

As you can see, fur types, facial features, personality traits, size, etc. all get thrown into one big melting pot from which there are so many adorable possibilities that come from it, the creative options are endless. Yet, though appearance and temperaments may vary, the value of their company and the presence they add within a household remains consistent and true.

No matter which dog you own, they most certainly add interest to our lives.

Official Recognition of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The Yorkshire Terrier is recognized by the ACHC (American canine Hybrid Club), DDKC (Designers Dogs Kennel Club), ICDR (International Canine Designer Registry), DBR (Designer Breed Registry), DRA (Dog Registry of America).

Yorkshire Terrier
OriginNorthern Poland & Eastern GermanyYorkshire, England (19th Centurty)
Descendant of the German SpitzBred to catch rats in clothing mills/rat baiting
Star QualityApartment SizeHypoallergenic coat
Light shedding
DescriptionToy BreedTerrier
Top 20 Breed in U.S.Toy or campanion breed
Compact/sturdyGlossy/straight hair that is silky, long and fine
Double fur coatBorn with markings that fade in a few months: black, with tan spots around eyes, legs, feet, toes, muzzle, under tail and inside ears, as well as occasionally white stars
Top coat long/straight/wiryRegal appearance
Under coat soft/thick/short
Plumed Tail
Average Weight3-7 lbs.Approx. 7 lbs.
Height7-12 in.*
Life Span12-16 years13-16 years
Coloringwhite/brown/blackBlue/tan; Blue/gold
multi-color and varietiesBlack/tan; Black/gold
Personality StrengthsFriendly/playful/entertainingGood watchdogs, protective
Bonding/protective/intelligent/assertive/aware of surroundingsIntelligent, Easy to train
ExtrovertedCurious, loves attention
Personality WeaknessesCraves center of attentionNeeds to be kept busy
Prone to barkingCan be yappy
Stubborn/temperamentalHighly active, needs
Unreliable with small childrenA lot of stimulation
Aggressive/dominantNot good with children under 8
HealthFew Negative Health PredispositionsHigh maintenance coat
Delicate digestive system
Prone to cataracts, bronchitis