How long do the pomeranians live? What does the owner have to do to make his pet a long-living pet?

These little fluffy creatures almost instantly become their owners’ favorite “children”. And it’s not just about the pretty face and the pretty doggy coat. Teacup pomeranian is a fountain of positive emotions, it is always ready to amuse you, play and just enjoy your presence.
No wonder that no one wants to lose such a friend early and at the same time everyone knows that the dog’s age is shorter than the human one. So the hosts are worried and looking for an answer to the question of how long the Pomeranian live and what affects the life expectancy of a four-legged friend.
We’re in a hurry to make you happy right away. Pomeranian, like most small dogs, is considered a long-living breed. The average life expectancy of a dog is 12-15 years. However, it is not uncommon that small pomeranians lived up to 18 and even 20 years old and at the same time maintained activity and breed fervor for a long time.

A good host is the main condition for a dog’s long life!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s really true. You are the main factor in the longevity of a dog. And it’s not just about good care and nutrition (although they’re very important). Pom is a sociable, playful dog. He urgently needs to communicate with a person, the opportunity to run, play, express his love and devotion. Provide him with all this, and even at the age of 10, the dog will be as cheerful and active as it was at a young age.
How long do the Pomeranians live with proper care? – For a very long time and, most importantly, without causing trouble and anxiety to the owner. And it’s important that the care and diet are appropriate for the age of the pet. As a rule, from the age of seven to eight, have your dog checked regularly by your vet, take care of mineral additives for joints and ligaments, switch to a special food for aging dogs or adjust your natural diet (reducing the proportion of fat, preferring fish over meat, reducing the portion, etc.)
Regular exercise and games with the dog will be useful for an aging pet. Don’t treat your dog like an old man! Do not try to feel sorry for him and reduce the time and activity of walks. But don’t overcool and don’t overheat the dog.

That could shorten a pet’s life?

The main factor affecting your dog’s life expectancy is whether or not he has any diseases. Now, that already depends on a very large number of reasons.
First of all, it’s a breed specialty. The answer to the question of how long Pomeranians or any other dogs live is largely determined by the list of breeder’s diseases and weaknesses of a particular breeding line. And that’s where the Pomeranian. The breed is stable and healthy enough. They have only problems common to all small breeds, such as early loss of teeth, inflammation of the paranasal glands, digestive problems in case of non-compliance with feeding rules, etc.
Alopecia can be highlighted from purely spicy problems. However, this is more of an aesthetic nuance and in very rare cases, the loss of hair can have an impact on how long the hairpin lives.
The next group of factors that have a negative impact on the duration and activity of a dog’s life are poor care and unbalanced nutrition. No longevity is out of the question if the dog is not treated for parasites, does not receive timely veterinary care, and is without regular walks and physical activity.
Overfeeding and, as a consequence, overweight also will not lengthen the age of the Pomeranian. Moreover, in old age, fat dogs usually have heart and liver problems and are prone to hypertension and strokes.
A uniform, micronutrient and vitamin-deficient diet will also impair the quality of life of the dog. Anemia, alopecia, tooth loss at the age of 2-3, a fragile bone – all this is the result of unfair attitude of the owner to the diet of the pet.

Why does teacup pomeranian often get sick and don’t live much?

The less dog, the more fashionable and expensive it is. Alas, but often the desire to possess a doll size dog completely overshadows common sense. And people think a dog is smaller than the standard size is great and cool. But the standards aren’t written for nothing.
The Pomeranian is less than 18 cm. in the withers is, first of all, a thin and fragile skeleton, which means that there is a constant threat of fractures and injuries. Secondly, their springs are not always completely overgrown, which can also lead to various pathologies, such as brain hydrocephalus. In addition, the miniature size of the pet is often due to a banal stop in the development of the dog, and therefore, its internal organs can not function properly. What a long life here!
Add to that the possibility of a dog’s psyche problem and you can end up with a nervous, immunocompromised creature that won’t survive a month without your care instead of a little cheerful dog.

How long do teacup pomeranians live?

– Five to seven years at most and only with good care and constant veterinary care. That’s why no responsible breeder will purposefully engage in the breeding of very small sizes of pomeranians. Especially since the standard dogs are 20-22 cm in size and are quite tiny, but they do not have big health problems and will delight their owners with cheerful temperament and boundless love for a long time.

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