Pomeranian breeding guide

The appearance of the pom is unforgettable, it is unusually graceful. In addition to the gorgeous hair, the miniature twilight is charming because it constantly gives everyone a unique “smile”.
Breeding poms is a difficult task. In order to ensure that the birth is completed without complications and that the offspring are healthy, it is necessary to analyze all the relatives and individual characteristics of the male dog. The selected male must improve the quality of the breed, be mentally balanced, have good health and have a beautiful appearance. If you do not have enough knowledge and experience, contact a breeder. A professional breeder will give you competent advice.

Pomeranian dog breeding

There is such a concept as a breeding male dog is specially brought up for mating. It must meet all standards and be a typical representative of the breed. Parents of male dogs should be “from a good family”, fertile and long-lived.
Male dogs in relation to the mating can be divided into four groups:
1. active, experienced, but easy to manage and manage. In the process of mating, they are leisurely and calm. They miss the courtship act, the mating starts right away. Although, if you get a nervous female dog like that, you gotta hold it off a little bit.
2. Moderate temperament dogs are also experienced. Do their job “as usual”: acquaintance, mating, gratitude. He can please a female of any size and character. In force majeure circumstances, he’ll ask for help from a human.
3. A spoiled, handsome guy who hasn’t trained well. They are also used for breeding , but they should be encouraged before mating. For the first mating, it’s advisable to choose a malleable, obedient female dog. If before reaching full maturity (two years of age) to hold a few mating with calm experienced and passionate partners, such a dog will turn out to be a good breeding dog. Until he’s practiced, dates with aggressive ladies should be avoided.
4. Slow, apathetic dogs. Not showing a breeding instinct. He’s still doing the planting, but he doesn’t want to. Sometimes it comes to the side of the female dog and the sexual intercourse is not always successful. If the instructor does not have the patience to adjust it before the mating and to secure it, it is better not to use male dogs of this quality for breeding work.

What kind of pair should be for a good match:

– In order for puppies in a litter to be the same and large, a female dog needs to be slightly larger than a male dog.
– But if the difference in size and weight is large, the offspring will be born of poor quality.
– Never mate a female and male dog with the same or opposite disadvantages.

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