Beware of Ads for Free Pomeranian Puppies

The price of a Pomeranian puppy can be more than many families can reasonably afford and leads some to search for free Pomeranian puppies on the internet or in their local papers.

Persons seeking free puppies need to understand that they are really searching for a needle in a haystack when they go this route. Think about this logically.  Why would an individual who just paid several hundred dollars or even more than a $1,000 for a brand new purebred Pomeranian puppy turn around a couple weeks or months later and offer to give them up for free?  And if you think you are going to luck into a free teacup Pomeranian puppy then you need to reassess your expectations.

I am not saying it has never happened or that you will never find a free Pomeranian puppy, but the odds of doing so have to be incredibly low.

Again, I do not want to speak in absolutes because there are several situations where you could luck into a free Pomeranian puppy.

However, what is more likely the case is that any ad listing free Pomeranian puppies to a good home are really offering you the opportunity to take home a mutt.  The Pomeranian owned by the person posting the ad was probably impregnated by another breed.  Now they have a litter of mutts on their hands and need some folks to take these free puppies.

Now, if you are simply looking for a free adult Pomeranian dog then you should have considerably better success.  Obviously, over the course of a dog’s life, many things can happen that may result in an owner willing to part with their Pomeranian for free.

There may have been a job loss and they need to relocate to a place that doesn’t allow pets.  Maybe the owner died and a family member in charge of the estate needs to find an immediate owner.  The scenarios are endless.

The best place to find free Pomeranian puppies is by contacting a Pomeranian rescue organization and saving a dog.  Now, these dogs are not technically “free” because you are required to pay some fees and costs associated with the rescue and rehabilitation of the dog, but it is pretty darn close to free.  Adopting a Pomeranian, or any dog for that matter, is infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling than purchasing a new puppy from a puppy mill.

Here is a list of some Pomeranian rescue organizations.

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