Black Pomeranians: Don’t Be Fooled!

Believe it or not, but black Pomeranians are one of the most popular coat colors you will see for this breed along with cream white and the ever present orange tints — but that doesn’t mean that all “black Pomeranians” are equal! Before we get into the finer points of identifying black Poms, please allow me to digress for a second.

A quick aside – the white Pomeranian is the rarest of them all! Kind of crazy for black to be one of the most popular colors and white to be one of the rarest when you learn the history of the Pomeranian and find out that they are descended from white sled dogs called Spitzes.

As you may have read on our homepage, the Pomeranian actually started out as a large dog and was bred down to a smaller size during the late 1800s and into the turn of the 20th Century.  It was the pairing with these other smaller breeds that led to the introduction of various color palettes. In fact, Poms have some of the most varied color combinations of all dog breeds.

Although this variety of colors allows for individuals seeking to buy a Pomeranian a plethora of options to satisfy their desires and preferences, it can sometimes make distinguishing or identification a little difficult to the untrained eye.  Not all black Pomeranians are black Pomeranians!

In order for a black Pomeranian to be a true black Pomeranian, all their points must also be black in color.  Points on a dog consist of their eye rims, lips, nose, nails and pads.  Since Pomeranians can change color you can safeguard against this with black Poms by making sure these points are black.

Sometimes, a blue Pomeranian can be mistaken for a black Pomeranian.  If you take a black Pom out into the sunlight and see a bluish tint or hue in the coat, then you do not have a black Pomeranian – at least by breed standard.  Now, if you don’t really care and feel that the coat is “black enough” for your personal preference then that is great.  However, don’t be surprised if someone in the know corrects you.

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