Dog Tear Stains: Searching for a Tear Stain Remover

Many a dog owners have cursed the appearance of dog tear stains on the face of their pooch. These tear stains naturally draw the attention of the human eye away from their beautiful, shiny and glossy coat and towards this unsightly development.

White Pomeranian and white teacup Pomeranian owners can be especially pained by these tear stained faces since they usually pay a premium for the privilege of owning a pure white dog.

Before we get into tear stain remover options, let us first take a look at what tear stains are and why the discolor the fur around your dog’s eyes.

What Causes Dog Tear Stains?

Generally speaking, there are two primary ways in which discoloration will start to occur around the eyes of your dog. This coloring will normally appear reddish or brown and is obviously most prominently recognized on dogs with white or light colored hair.

Moisture from the eye will leak out and spill onto the fur of your dog. One of the best ways to prevent or at least minimize tear staining on your dog is to keep him well groomed and ensure that hairs are not growing long enough to touch the eye or tear duct area. When the hair is long like that it essentially wicks away the moisture inherently needed by the eye and it drips down long the hair and to the skin.

Some dogs may have eyes that get extra moist and teary from allergens, windy conditions or other environmental factors.

Also, some dogs can frequently show discoloration from water and feeding practices around their mouths. Over time, their hair is frequently bathed in their water dish when they drink and this repeated occurrence will discolor the coat.

If this sounds like your pooch, then the good news is that there are tear stain removers you can buy that will fix this problem and help return your dog’s coat back to its original color.

However, dog tear staining can occur due to genetic issues, along with diet and/or health issues that may need to be addressed with your veterinarian. This condition is known as epiphora. Epiphora is when there is excessive tear production or problems with your dog’s tear ducts preventing drainage. Our eyes naturally secrete excessive moisture when irritated as that is our mechanism to remove debris in our eyes. When epiphora occurs the dog continually produces tears. The tears have no place to go but onto the fur around the eyes.

The ongoing presence of this moisture creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to grow and irritate the skin. If your pooch shows signs of skin irritation by scratching or rubbing around the eyes, it is possible that your dog may need to see a veterinarian and seek guidance as to how to resolve the problem.

It may only require a thorough flushing done by a trained professional, antibiotics or at the more extreme end of the scale, various types of surgeries to correct the problem.

Tear Stain Remover Products

If you believe your pooch just needs a thorough cleaning around the eyes and that there is nothing wrong with their tear ducts, you can purchase various tear stain removers or try some home remedies.

There are four major tear stain remove products you may want to consider.

Angel’s Eyes is the most popular product by far and you can read literally thousands of positive reviews over at Amazon…or you can read our review of Angel Eyes for dogs.

Make no mistake, you will not see overnight success as it takes a while to get the stains out. It can take several weeks if you use the oral supplements (Angel’s Eyes and Optimex) and lots of effort if you go the external treatment route (Diamond Eye and Eye Envy).

There are a host of home remedies for dog tear stains you can find on the internet, but I do not feel comfortable recommending any of them. They require a significant amount of effort, trial and error and even some mention using bleach, etc.  Just seems like a lot of work and risk in the grand scheme of things when you can buy a product like Angel’s Eyes, which has thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon.

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