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How often should you bathe your dog?

Many dog owners are often scolded for washing their Fido too often and wonder exactly how often should you bathe your dog? They are told it is bad for their dog’s skin, hair and for other reasons if you bathe them too much.  I cannot speak for other breeds, but Pomeranian experts suggest bathing your teacup Pomeranian rather frequently.

World Champion Pomeranian Breeder Diane Finch advises owners to bathe their dog every one-to-two weeks!  In fact, she has stated that she bathes her show puppies every other day suggesting that it is a myth that frequent washing causes dry skin or skin damage.  She contends that frequent washing helps get the puppy coat out so that their new coat can start growing.

Many believe that flaky, dry skin has more to do with poor diet and nutritional deficiencies.  Ms. Finch says that bathing keeps the skin and coat healthy and stimulates hair growth.

Owners are capable of neglecting their pooch and giving them mediocre baths from time-to-time due to ignorance or just the hectic and busy lives we lead.  When you wash your Pomeranian it is imperative that you vigorously and thoroughly rub your canine and ensure that the shampoo sufficiently lathers up all the hair follicles and reaches the skin.  Proper shampooing of your animal means that you clean the skin and the hair of your dog.

Here are a couple of tips that you may want to try during bath time. Use a comb on your Pomeranian while it is lathered up with shampoo.  The vigorous rubbing and lathering will loosen a lot of dead and shedding hair.  This will again provide for a more thorough cleaning and help speed up the shedding timeline.  Also, do not overuse conditioner on your dog’s coat.  If you feel your dog’s coat is a little too flat or soft, you are probably overdoing it.  Try cutting back to once-a-month so you can get that beautiful plumage.

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