Pomeranian Rescue Organizations

Instead of purchasing a new teacup puppy from a breeder you may want to consider visiting a Pomeranian rescue organization (list below) to see if they have any dogs that might interest you.

Pomeranian rescue organizations and the volunteers who spend hundreds of hours each year advocating on behalf of adopting and rescuing Poms and other animals deserve our praise and appreciation.  These individuals are some of the most selfless, kind and loving people you will ever meet and they put forth a rather convincing argument for adoption.

Rescue is much cheaper than purchasing directly from a breeder.  With our nation’s kennels and shelters saturated by scores of stray and abandoned cats and dogs, we really need people to step up to the plate and save these animals from being euthanized.  Many individuals who adopt and rescue animals state that they receive a greater degree of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that they saved their animal from death.  Also, some owner’s suggest that saved dogs are intrinsically aware of the fact that their new owner saved them and this strengthens the bond and affection between human and loyal canine pal.

I think teacup Pomeranians and other small dog breeds are particularly well-suited for adoption since they reach physical maturity rather quickly and their physical appearance is rather consistent.  Thus, an owner can adopt/rescue a dog that pretty much looks like the puppy they would have spent considerably more money on.

Here is a list of some Pomeranian rescue organizations. If you know of additional groups worthy of being listed here, please drop me an email.


Nor Cal Pom Rescue in Santa Rosa, California

Southern California Pomeranian Rescue in Irvine, California

Here is a link to their adoption page.


Displaced Pets Rescue in Northwest Oregon


Second Chance Poms in Lake Jackson, TX

Here is the link to their page of dogs available for adoption.  They currently (9/2013) have a beautiful white Pomeranian named Shy and a gorgeous black Pomeranian called Symba available.

Displaced Pets Rescue in Southwest Washington

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