The Shaved Pomeranian Lion Cut Grooming Style

These beautiful dogs are obviously known for their trademarked fur ball appearance with a lush double coat of short and long hair and many owners often ask whether or not the shaved Pomeranian lion cut is appropriate or if there will be long term negative effects.

The beautiful Pomeranian coat requires a lot of work to keep that gorgeous appearance.  Many individuals underestimate the amount of work and energy it will take to maintain a Pom’s appearance.  Truth be told, your Pom will/should require a daily grooming session.  At the very least you will need to give some quality time to your pooch every 2-3 days.  The amount of work required to combat shedding and keep Poms looking sharp often causes weary owners to seek out a shortcut – hence the shaved lion cut look.

We are going to take a look at shaving your Pomeranian or teacup Pomeranian and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  Though we recommend against the shaving of your Pomeranian’s body, we do believe you can and should shave your dog in some instances and in certain locations.  Read below to learn more.


Many owners of Pomeranians have shaved their dog for a variety of reasons and had their groomer give it a lion haircut without any issue whatsoever.  They report that with time (it varies) the dog’s coat grows back just like normal.


Many owners have shaved their dogs for a variety of reasons and had their groomer give their Pomeranian a lion cut only to experience uneven regrowth, bald spots and patches.

The truth of the matter is that your dog may fall into either category and you will never truly know unless or until you do shave your Pom. Many people blindly shave their dog assuming that the hair will grow back normally and others shave their dog after being told that their dog will suffer no ill effects.  Now that you know that either result may occur you need to assess whether or not the lion cut is suitable for you.

Why You Should Not Shave Your Pomeranian

There are many breeders and enthusiasts who vociferously oppose the shaved Pomeranian lion haircut style.  And there are many reasons for this opposition.  Here is a list of reasons to avoid shaving your Pomeranian:

  • Hair may not regrow or may grow back unevenly and/or leave bald spots
  • Your dog will lose core body temperature during colder parts of the year as there is no longer any hair to protect it from the cold
  • Your dog will overheat in warmer seasons because there is no longer any hair to provide insulation
  • Dogs are living beings and are not toys, fashion statements or human accessory options

If you are one of those individuals who pamper your pooch, you probably looked at the last three reasons above and dismissed them.  You are an attentive owner who probably keeps your dog(s) inside in a controlled temperature environment and consider your pooch to be part of the family, not a fashion statement.  Maybe you just think the lion haircut style is adorable and cute.

Then the question that arises is whether or not you will be devastated if your dog’s hair doesn’t regrow back normally once you shave it.  The odds are your dog’s hair will grow back just fine and you will not have to worry.  But, if you love the fur ball look and are only considering the lion cut for a temporary style change then you should probably reconsider.

Never Say Never to Shaving Your Pooch?

There are instances where you can and should use clippers to shave your Pomeranian.  We recommend two instances where shaving is acceptable:

  • Use clippers to even out the rounded fur ball appearance of your Pomeranian much like a hair stylist will use clippers to trim a man’s hair after they have done the primary cut with shears.  Clippers allows you to be far more precise than clunky scissors when you are trying to create that spherical puff ball look
  • Use clippers to shave all the hair away from the anus so that fecal matter does not clump or get entangled in the hair around the orifice.  This will enhance hygiene and cleanliness.

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