Should You Adopt a Teacup Pomeranian?

I know you are looking for information about teacup Pomeranians, but please indulge me for a minute as I bring up the subject of adoption and Pomeranian rescue.

It is truly none of my business whether or not you choose to purchase a teacup pomeranian puppy versus adopting or rescuing a teacup Pomeranian.  I am not going to berate you, browbeat you or guilt trip you into anything.  I simply want you to allow me a quick second to make the pitch for adoption.

As you probably know, there are thousands of dogs all across America sitting in animal shelters.  Many of them will be put to sleep.  I know you want or are interested in a teacup Pomeranian and the odds of finding one at the shelter are slim.  And even if you did find one…can you really be sure it is truly a pure breed Pomeranian?

Probably not.

I get that you want a cute little puppy and that you want to raise one and make it part of your family.  I get it. I really do.

I just want you to reconsider for a moment that you can adopt a lovely animal who will love you unconditionally from a shelter, save tons of money and engage in a worthwhile and noble effort.

All I am asking is that you sincerely evaluate your motivations for buying a new puppy from a breeder and determine whether or not it is really worth it to you.  I know from speaking to dozens of pet owners that those who saved a puppy from euthanasia feel so incredibly rewarded by the experience and I truly believe that animals know when they have been “saved” or “rescued”.

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